I hear from many teachers who wish for something that will never happen — 1:1 devices for every student.  Not only will there never be a budget for this at my school, but I would not prefer it anyway.  Our aim is personalized learning.  Personalized learning is … well… personalized.  Imagine being asked to use a new smart phone, tablet, or laptop every time you sat down to do something productive, like pay your bills online.  You would spend more time fiddling with the settings on the device and trying to find where things are than you would on being productive.  I can’t even type on a new keyboard without frustration, even though all the letters are in the usual places.  There is always a long and uncomfortable period of adjustment.  That’s what we ask learners to grapple with every time we sit them down in front of a new device.  Once you get used to a personal device, your use of that device becomes organic.  You become familiar with where the buttons are, how to access the various tools, and so on.  I would rather have students bring in a hundred different devices that they have made intimate friends with than give them a new “friend” each day and have them struggle to use it.



One Response to “Benefits of BYOD over 1:1”

  1. Nancy White said:

    Cris, Interesting perspective -one I hadn’t thought about, but definitely aligns with my beliefs. I agree that BYOD is what is best for learners. As adults, we all think of our devices as an extension of ourselves. When I left the house today, I forgot my cellphone, and had to turn around and go back for it -can’t imagine getting through my day without it, lol! When we give learners devices, control it, limit what apps they can have on it, and collect it back at the end of the school year, it loses all the power to transform learning for them, in my opinion. It is basically the same as a textbook (and I suspect they will treat it as such)