I’d like to share Guerin’s “9 Valuable Ways to Make Learning Irresistible,” all of which can be accomplished using either a high-tech or low-tech option.  (Comments in parentheses are from me.)



  1. Learning involves choice.  Learners need greater ownership and opportunities to make choices regarding time, place, path, and pace.  (Think about allowing students to decide how they will showcase learning.)
  2. Learning involves student conversations. Whoever is doing the talking is doing the learning.  (Try FlipGrid, blogging, or a low-tech Socratic Seminar.)
  3. Learning involves creating. Creativity is one of the best ways to find flow. (So many tools!  Comic creators, video, Book Creator, Google Drawings, Google Slides ….)
  4. Learning makes a difference. When learning is making a difference for me, for others, or for my community, it matters so much more. (Think project-based learning.)
  5. Learning involves play. Play involves fun, laughter, imagination.  These are great ways to find flow.  Making learning a game can be a great way to make learning irresistible.
  6. Learning is filled with discovery. Constructivist learning promotes true understanding and appeals to a learner’s sense of wonder and curiosity.  (We have the entire world’s knowledge at our fingertips; use it!)
  7. Learning involves community. Connect with experts.  Invite the community in.  Go out into the community.  Break down the classroom walls.  (Think Skype or Google Hangouts.)
  8. Learning is visible to real audiences. Learning is more relevant and meaningful when I know my work will be valuable to an authentic audience.  (Create websites and PSA’s.)
  9. Learning is challenging. Why can a teen spend hours trying to conquer a video game?  That’s challenging.  And that involves flow.  Capture this in the classroom and watch it transform the culture of learning.


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