Our school is finishing up All School Reads 2018 with the book Saving Wonder by Mary Knight.  In this multi-layered, wholesome teen read, Curley Hines and his best friend Jules are trying to save their mountain and their favorite tree from being blown apart by coal mining.  Teachers shared music, videos, current events, and more as students read about young people making a difference in their world and learning to find the common ground when two people or philosophies seem to be at complete odds with each other.  Readers learn the meaning of words like juxtapose, fallible, eradicate, and conundrum while experiencing the value of grandparents and the wisdom they can bestow.  And as serendipity would have it, two guest speakers learned about the amazing history of Ute Indian prayer trees and Cherokee trail marker trees from a third guest speaker who just happens to be an expert in our area.  Great read.  Great learning.  Great connections!  The power of All School Reads always manages to surprise me.

saving wonder

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